I have only a few spots left. It’s not too late!

This class in January I keep very small. The spring class I will take a larger number of students. If you bring a friend to sign up you will receive 50.00 off workshop fee for January class!


9 Responses

  1. Hiya,
    Is there any spots still left?
    I’m interested but it’s winter and I don’t get a lot of sunlight where I am, would that be a problem? I thought it may be more of a challenge in the winter but that’s kind of my problem so why not hit it head on!

  2. Do you have any open spots?



  3. 🙂 sending ya email!!! Yes we sill have spots in the spring class!!!!!

  4. I’m interested in the spring class.. can you send me some info?

  5. Hi,

    What is the start date for the spring class and are there still spots?


  6. I’m definitely interested in the spring class as well!!! Are there still spots available?
    How do I register?

  7. Can you send me some info on the spring class also?



  8. Hi just checking to see if there is any spots left? If not when does the next class begin?

    thank you

  9. I’m in! Can you send me info as well?


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