By Request!

I was asked on a another thread for a Summer Workshop! Well I had promised the kids I would have sometime for fun stuff this summer …. but I found another solution ! My on-line workshop last 60 days ! I will hold it for 90 days and Have 5 opening spots for a Start of May 22nd ! I was just getting together all students for the April dates ! So I think I have 3 spots left out of five.  SOLD OUT  FOR for the April 22nd ! My next workshop will not be till next year !

SO COME FIND THE LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


~Winners Announced~

This was so very very hard! I loved all the effort ,creativity , fun, light , and heart that went into all of the photos that entered into my contest. I’m glad I was not the only judge too! I wish I could pick more than one winner . I will pick a GRAND PRIZE WINNER for a free spot in my next workshop , 1ST RUNNER UP half off a spot in my next workshop, 2ND Runner up 100.00 off my next workshop, and third runner up $75.00 OFF MY NEXT WORKSHOP.

If your image is in the pink box !

50.00 off

Also if you entered .. I thank you guys sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much ! I adored them ! This is the last workshop of the year. April 22nd start and I opened an additional five spots for start May 22nd. It will merge as one for a 90 workshop. I have one spot left for the April 22nd , and two left for the May 22nd start. So to if you entered I will give 25.00 off your fee for participating in the contest.

* I was so tired last night when I posted these I forgot to add the image of third runner up*

WIN A SPOT for the next WORKSHOP!!!!!!

Win a spot in my next and last Creative Light Workshop this year! This is an online course that will last between 60-90 days! A value of $ 400.00! Don’t miss out!!!! The theme I chose was umbrellas! I love them so!

Take a photo that includes:
*A child under 18

* Outside only

    Photos should be taken between April 8 the – April 15th!
    *1 photo only
  • MUST BE IN BY MIDNIGHT Eastern Time April 15th!

    Judging will be done by me and two others.

  • Get CREATIVE, show off YOUR STYLE!

Winner will be judged on creativity, light, and style,

Email your entry to

I will post on ON APRIL 17th The  Winner (spot in my workshop)

The runner  up gets half off the registration fee for my workshop.

** Serious content entries only. **