Looking for the next class ?

I will open early registration Sept 25th! The class will start Jan 31st ! The price for next years workshop will be 400.00 and $ 350.00 for early sign ups ! I will do a spring class to be annouced ! For now I can only take a limited amount of one on ones. With the Holidays coming soon I will only take up three . I have one already signed up. This will be with on one contact and the price is 450.00 and last 45 days. Thanks for all that visit the blog .. and my past students who are gracious to refer others to my online class !





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  1. Hi!!!

    Just a little confused! 🙂 Is the January class going to open for registration in September? On another page it says Jan. is already full. But I thought that might be from last year.

    Of course, I’m from WA state so working with natural light is nearly impossible in the winter (no sun – just rain!!!!) so maybe I should wait until spring anyway! 🙂


  2. YES if you old post that was last January~

  3. i am looking for an further explanation about an upcoming class as well as general information; what it is, how it works. a full on description that explains all about your on-line classes would be great…. i also can’t find an e-mail link..but perhaps i am missing it.. i would like to find out more about your one-on-one work. could you contact me at: robin_bird_tweet at mac dot com

  4. Hello…I am confused as well regarding the start and end times of your class? could you dlarify when it would start and future sessions.

  5. Where is the class taught? When are you offering classes? How much is it? Thanks for you patience!

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