I have had many request on another online workshop this year. If you are interested please email on it. If I do one it would be September. Also I’m offering a one on one full day with me in the Orlando area if your interested email me for more details.

I will have my normal Online Workshop scheduled Jan 31st 2010 and one March 30th 2010 . January workshop early registration will open in Late September. I will announce next month the date I will open the early registration for Jan 2010. All early registration will receive 125.00 off workshop fee off 400.00.


4 Responses

  1. Love love love!!! your workshop!! I wish I could take everyone!! It has so changed my photography. Thank you Detra:)

  2. hi there, i would love to take a workshop in september. as i live in vancouver, canada, i think that september would be better for me (in terms of available light)
    please let me know if it is a go.
    with thanks,

  3. YES! I would love to take your online workshop in September or whenever the next one is scheduled. Please keep me posted so I can get in on the registration. Thanks!

  4. Hallo Derta.

    Alas your September workshop has probibly started. I would love to be part of your on-line students teacher thing. I live in Cape Town South-Africa. Please let me know when you have another workshop. Even one of those workshops without the forum.
    Thank you and God bless.

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