September 2009

We have Gina Kolsrud joining in as a guest speaker !

At last … Winners Announced!

I had more entries than I have ever had before …. this was sooooooooo difficult. I’m feeling generous tonight so I switched things around and that means I gave more …

Grand Prize & Runners up


2nd place


3rd Place


Honorable Mention (this is new ) 150.00 OFF

Oh I wish I could have posted them all … These are so more awesome summer images that I loved that I wanted to display.

If you see your IMAGE here you can register and get 75.00 off the workshop fee. Please submit an email with the image, this goes for the other winners too. If you participated and do not see your image you can still get 50.00 off your fee.

All discounts are only valid for the September workshop. You must pay & register by September 9th midnight eastern time.

Announcing the new guest speaker…

*update Monday 10:30 pm eastern time* I had more submissions to this contest than any other to date. I’m still opening images… I will get the winner on the blog before the night is over 😉 Thanks,

I’m so thrilled to be having Gina on this workshop as a guest speaker . She is amazingly talented !! She has a way with light and textures that give her work a very artistic quality that is all her own!!! I also will be announcing the contest winners tomorrow evening. Thanks sooooooooooo much for all the entries … this will be a very hard decision.
Check out Gina’s work below .. also her link to her website!

~CONTEST~ Win a spot!

For this contest I chose summer as the theme. Please turn in your favorite summer shot taken this year. Rule 1 is that you can only submit one image per person. Rule 2 has to be taken with natural light. Rule 3 has to be turned in by Sept 5th by midnight (eastern time) . Rule 4 HAVE FUN!!!!! I have two start dates that the workshops merge together. Sooooooooo for the first time I will be giving away two spots , one for the September 10th & one for September 28th. I will also give to 2nd place will be given 1/2 off the workshop. 3rd place will get 100.00 off. All contestant who enter will receive 25.00 off all other contestants who there image on the blog will receive 50.00 off !

SUBMIT image to

full sun