At last … Winners Announced!

I had more entries than I have ever had before …. this was sooooooooo difficult. I’m feeling generous tonight so I switched things around and that means I gave more …

Grand Prize & Runners up


2nd place


3rd Place


Honorable Mention (this is new ) 150.00 OFF

Oh I wish I could have posted them all … These are so more awesome summer images that I loved that I wanted to display.

If you see your IMAGE here you can register and get 75.00 off the workshop fee. Please submit an email with the image, this goes for the other winners too. If you participated and do not see your image you can still get 50.00 off your fee.

All discounts are only valid for the September workshop. You must pay & register by September 9th midnight eastern time.


4 Responses

  1. Thanks Detra! I am so excited for your class and thank you for your generous prizes! I was trying to register tonight, but was unable to send my PayPal payment to It could be that it’s almost 1:00 am and I should be in bed, but….I will need to clarify the payment address and method, and I’ll try again in the morning for the Sept 10 spot. Thanks again! I am over the moon in excitement!!

  2. seriously???? I’m sooooo excited!!!!!! thank you so so so much!

  3. I was just wondering if anyones on Flickr?
    Natasha Klein Photography

  4. Hi! thanks for the 2nd place, I want to get the 50% off for September 10th… I´ve just send the USD 200 payment via Paypal… Please send to me a confirmation.
    Thank you, I an so exited!

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