Ok ……. Scroll down to see all winners !

Ok I’m adding 2nd now . Will be back in a few with more

3rd place .. This is was so hard … I had 3 others help me judge …

Almost …. my goodness …. This was not with over 500 entries …. I had such a pleasure and feel very honored for all the entries !

You must respond and register with in the next 48 hours to guarantee your spot …The sooner the better . SPACE IS VERY LIMITED Congrats !


12 Responses

  1. Beautiful work from all these entrys!

  2. Woohoo! I’m one of the winners…thanks Detra! I’ll see you all in the workshop 🙂

  3. Hello Dee,

    I’m honored that you chose my photo for one of the “runners up” with $100 off, but I am not able to swing the other $300 right now;
    I will try again!
    Thanks for the opportunity,
    and congrats to all the winners-lots of sweet photos.
    Is there anyway to see them bigger?


  4. wow! what gorgeous entries! Can’t wait for the workshop to start 🙂

  5. Yeaaaa! I’m part of the ‘more I loved group’!! Thanks so much! See you soon! 🙂

  6. Yeaaaa! I’m part of the ‘more I loved group’!! Thanks so much! See you soon!

  7. I won a $100 off. So excited!!! I’ll be sending you an email…

  8. hi
    I am new to this site and I am just learning about Photography. I just found this site today and wanted to know if it’s too late to sign up? also is this just for professional photographers? Or how about stay at home moms that love to capture their kids in photos? either way, could someone please let me know thank you karla Olson

  9. Great winners!!!
    I like the no 1 very much!!

    I asked in antoher thread what an alumni spot is….
    Didn’t get an answer but I know you are a busy woman! I can’t find any information on the site. followed your workshop 1,5 years ago and I would like to read all the information one more time. I got the impression that’s where it’s for….

  10. yikes! just checking your site and saw i won $100 0ff! when does workshop start? am i too late? can’t seem to find details on blog. thanks!

  11. Congrats to all the winner

  12. When is the next workshop or is there only one a year?

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