I’m having an interactive special !

This will be for my online workshop starting April 28th 2010 !! Directions to get the most discounts !

1. Link my workshop on your facebook status receive 50.00 off
2. Post and link my workshop to your blog receive 50.00 off
3. Twitter my workshop with link receive 50.00 off

DO ALL THREE get 100.00 off my workshop fee!!!!!! You must contact me with your links and I will provide you with the link for the discount.

This will run for 48 hours ONLY !!!!!!!!


6 Responses

  1. Does this apply to those who have already registered?

  2. Hi – i wasn’t sure where to send the links? So here they are:



    I’m so excited to have seen this discount option!

  3. I Facebooked about your workshop! 🙂 I wasn’t sure if I just needed to post here, or send you an email, so I did both just in case.


  4. Iam attempting to sign up for April workshop (as alumni) but having trouble finding link. Only have access to iPhone for next several days. Help please. Thank you

  5. Is your workshop still open? Sounds interesting. Found you through CM.

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