Well …….. every contest seems to get bigger and bigger .. SO MANY great photos …. still opening .. WOW ….. over 700 entries ! Running behind on my announcement stay tuned for the winners announcement , if not with in the next few hours .. I will post by tomorrow~
*EDITED IT”S 2:22 am EASTERN” I THINK I WILL CALL IT A NIGHT SO I CAN USE A FRESH PAIR OF EYES IN THE MORNING* Sorry to keep everyone waiting , But I was overwhelmed by all the images for this contest!! I have narrowed it down and picked the grand winner with many other winners too! Once I can upload and create all the other stuff in the morning I will post. It’s late so I may sleep in a bit ! Sorry to keep everyone waiting .. I will post no later than 11:30 pm tomorrow !~


6 Responses

  1. SO excited to see who has won 🙂

  2. good luck with all the opening, surely this is a sign of how popular you are! 🙂

  3. I am on the edge of my seat waiting to find out!!!

  4. WOW ……. it’s late I PICKED MY FAVORITE 75 …… now ………….. It get’s very hard !!!

  5. You are awesome for actually taking the time to really look through every single image. Thank you for having this awesome contest.

  6. Can’t wait to see the finalist!!

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