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Like I promised .. the next student letter!! Preview of her current work!

I thought a lot about you and your class on my most recent engagement shoot.
Thank you for sharing some of what you know with me. I shot almost the
entire shoot backlit. I hope you enjoy these!

Have a good day
Rachel Chaney

10_05_McNeelEngagement_IMG_9442fb 10_05_McNeelEngagement_IMG_9406fb




Sharing letters from my last class ..

I will post another one soon !
In her words :

This is from week 4 of the class:

It hit me today that this class ends this month. I can’t believe we are half-way through already. I’ve learned SO much already! And it’s showing up in my photography and my editing already. I have more confidence when heading into shoots. I know my camera better. I understand lighting better. And I know that I’ve just hit the tip of the iceberg!

This photography journey has been short (1 year exactly), but rewarding. I’ve found a creative outlet that clicks with me… that I can turn into a viable financial option for my family!

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your class. I’ve learned so much already!

And I still feel that way.

People are commenting on how “amazing” my photography is and how I “work wonders” with light. I’m blown away by their praise, and I know that it’s because I learned so much from Finding the Light–Detra and the other photographers in my class.

Next to my camera, this class was the best investment in my photographic journey.

I cannot recommend it enough!
Daisha Sheets

I think maybe the best representation of my progression is my flickr set: