I’m having an interactive special !

This will be for my online workshop starting September 2010 !! Directions to get the most discounts !

1. Link & post my workshop on your facebook status receive 50.00 off
2. Post and link my workshop to your blog receive 25.00 off
3. Twitter my workshop with link receive 25.00 off

DO ALL THREE get 100.00 off my workshop fee!!!!!! You must contact me with your links and I will provide you with the link for the discount. This discount is off the workshop fee and is for new sign ups for full participant students. If you have already signed up you can still take advantage of this , How you ask ? Do the same steps above at least 2 out of of the three and receive 75% off your alumni fee for the following 2011 workshop!!! (Again only this last one is for full precipitating student. If you would like a discount for the non participating student I can only do 25.00 off , new sign ups only. *SPOTS ARE FILLING FAST, DO NO MISS OUT ON MY NEXT ONLINE WORKSHOP*

This will run for 48 hours ONLY !!!!!!!!


6 Responses

  1. Hi! How do I contact you with my links? Do I just leave them as a comment, or would you prefer me to email you? I have them, and I’m anxiously waiting to sign up for your workshop! I JUST CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  2. i did all three!!!! buti do not know how to contact you nor how to show you i did it on my fb or twitter… my blog is

    my facebook is wendy graham gibson but i don’t know how to share the link with you and my twitter (again, brand new, thanks for forcing me to do what i know i need to do) is wendyspics.

  3. I emailed all three YAY …. I hope to the right email!

  4. I did all three too! is web, Carrie Guth Terrones is FB and carrietphoto is twitter!

  5. I did all three as well. My FB is wendy vonsosen photography. Blog is Twitter is sowenderful. So excited!

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