Early Registration is NOW!!!

For my 2011 online workshops I will be raising my prices! This next workshop I will do additional new videos and content! You will still receive the already highly rated content this just will be in addition. I do over 12 hours of Live Classes during the workshop! Many videos of me shooting along with photoshop videos !! Photoshop actions and Presets !!! The new Price for my next workshop will be 575.00 ! Today I will be keeping to the old pricing , and you will receive a free np alumni spot for my workshop in the spring! January workshops are always smaller , please don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity! I will only run this early bird special till November 10th at midnight!! If you need to split up your payments please contact me to see how I can arrange this! You can click on payment to register!! Please make sure when you paypal I have the email you wish to use to receive workshop info!


17 Responses

  1. Just signed up! So excited!

  2. I was trying to find where to contact you about splitting up payment, but I couldn’t find an email address, please email me about payment info!

  3. I was also looking for where to contact you about this class and payments. Please email me also!! Thanks!

  4. I would love to sign up. Can you let me know about splitting up payment for this class?


  5. just looking for alum stuff – this is the best workshop!

  6. i agree with steph. best workshop!! i may try as alum again for january… may freeze my tush off, but will be fun to see what we can do with snow!! šŸ™‚

  7. hi i am trying to purchase the class for jan 2011, but i cant figure out where do pay. also do you send us a link or something after we pay or more info about the course? and lastly, what is the free alumni spot for spring? is that another class session that is being offered for free? i’d like to sign up right away.. thnx

  8. Could you pelase email me abotu splitting up the payments also šŸ™‚ Thank you Detra!

  9. I would like to sign up for the Light workshop and be able to pay in payments. Thanks!

  10. Hello there, I am also looking to sign up for the January 2011 workshop but will also have to split the payments if this is possible… If you could email that would be fabulous! Thanks so much!!

  11. Hi. I’d like to sign up for this workshop in January 2011. I found the payment link, but can’t find any other information. The payment says $475. Are there in fact spots available? Will I have an alumni spot for the spring one? When in Jan. does it begin? I know everyone is busy w/the holidays right now, but if you could just drop me a quick line to let me know my info is accurate, I’ll go ahead and register immediately. Thank you so much. – Alexandra Yarborough

  12. Can you please email me on how to sign up for the non-particpant January class.

  13. Hi Detra!

    is there a study along option this time round? i’d love to sign up, Can you let me know about splitting up payment for this class?

    thanks so much!

  14. Is the class full? Can I still sign up?

  15. Do you still have space available? Please email me. Thank you

  16. HI Detra,
    How do we contact you re:this class?

  17. I am hoping to be a silent participant in the January workshop are there still spaces available?
    If so I will pay right away with paypal.

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