Contest Time for the January 31st Online Workshop!

The theme this year will be “A Portrait That Represents Your Location.” For example (Florida …orange grove, beaches, and etc) (Vermont , pancakes and maple syrup) Just get creative! This portrait should be taken with natural light. You must turn in your image by January 27th 9 am January 26th 2011 by 11 pm eastern time. (Winners will be announced by January 30th by midnight if not sooner keep watching) I will give one free spot to the #1 winner , 400.00 off #2 winner, 1/2 off the #3 winner . All entries posted on my blog that are not in the top three will get 75.00 off. Send in your entry to ~ Hope everyone has fun! (SUBJECT your name)


1. Include something that represents your location in your image.

2. Your image must have a person in it.

3. It must of been taken with in the last 6 months!

4. Only one image submission per person.

5. Please put your name on the image itself

6. Taken with natural light
silly ~” alt=”fl” />


3 Responses

  1. Sorry — I just cannot figure out where to sign up for the Jan 31st class? Or is it already full?
    I also submitted a pic to the contest — if, on some off chance, it was selected in some way, would that mean I’d get a refund of some amt if I’d already paid? Just curious — not expecting that!

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