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I had not had a chance to share this, I have been so busy with the workshop that just started. This is her blog post in her words. My Alumni and “Alumni helper for 2011” the talented Gail Pomare

“On the eve of starting our first workshop for 2011 we look back to the last workshop of 2010 with fondness.

Many wonderful students from all over the world, experiencing many magnificent “ah-ha” moments in their photography and therefore producing some incredible images. But that’s not all, a passion for photography is shared, the desire to help one another becomes a reality and friendships are formed that continue on after the last class.

We all start out excited on the first day to find a new way of seeing light and learning to shoot in midday sun. The funny thing is we have no idea how much more we will gain and what a gift we are given by no longer being constrained to what we previously understood as good light for natural light photographers.

The liberating outcome of taking Detra’s finding the light workshop is that you learn to comfortably shoot at any time of the day and be able to find the good light when you need it most. Boy does that free up your time to book sessions. But it takes some work. You do have to invest the time to reap the benefits, however it is beyond worth it!

It is always so exciting to see the growth in each student as we/they progress through the 8 weeks of the finding the light workshop. Initially my fellow students start out with many questions that usually start with “but how do I?” progress on to “um, I think I got it” then toward the ultimate “this workshop has changed my photography”, “has freed up my life” and “The best investment in my craft I have ever made” all very common responses to the information and skills each photographer learns as a result of their time and effort invested and the instruction and feedback from Detra integrated into their work.

It is an honor to be a part of the Finding the light team with master crafts person Detra at the helm. What she can’t do with light, simply can not be done J

To get you all excited about the upcoming workshop, here are a few images from students on the last workshop.

Gail Pomare. ”


8 Responses

  1. she’s right. your workshop changed MY photography too! xo

  2. Well said, Gail. I dream of being able to take Detra’s workshop someday… sigh.

  3. Gail, there are no truer words to describe this workshop. Totally changed how I shoot and I couldn’t be more pleased with the experience I had in the class. Met so many wonderful people and learned so much. I’m coming back as an alumni.. can’t wait!

  4. Hello, I was wondering when your next lightworkshop is going to be offerred? My sister in law took it and highly reccomends it! Please let me know!

  5. PLS!!!!! can you send me some info … i want to be part of your workshop !!!! from Mexico !!!
    I´ll be looking for you 🙂

    Tahnks !!!!!

  6. I’m wanting to sign up for your workshop. When is the next one offered? Thanks. Leslie

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