Just a little from an Alumni student !

I just wanted to share and thank one of my alumni students , Steph Bailiff for the wonderful blog post and sharing your experience with everyone ! HER BLOG

Thanks Steph!



2 Responses

  1. These are beautiful! I so want to take your class. I received an email from you and replied back that I need pricing and when it will open. I’ll keep looking for that reply. ThANK YOU!!

  2. Thank you so much, Detra!!! I am so honored!! I have loved your class BOTH times I’ve taken it and I whole-heartedly recommend this class to any photographer looking to grow his/her art and find some new inspiration. Your assignments are challenging and fun. Since light changes between places, time and position, there’s always something new to learn and I love having your assignments push me to find answers. Finding natural light has become an enjoyable part of my photography as well as part of my every-day life. What a gift!!

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