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I have just been told that Detra is in the hospital, so please ask any questions you may have about the upcoming workshop here and I will try to answer them as best I can. Also…if you are waiting for a reply to a previous email, we will get back to you asap.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Get well soon DEE!




Early Bird Special (for Fall 2011)

CLICK on THIS link to grab your early bird special. Spaces are very limited and the discount is available for 48 hours only (from Friday 07/15 10pm Eastern)

Favourite Images from Workshop 12 {Part 4}

First, let me share the exciting news that early registration will open tonight at 10pm EDT. The best pricing happens at Early Registration…. grab your spot tonight.

And now, I am also very happy to share another set of students favourite images. We were so blessed with photographers that constantly just sort better and better of themselves, and really pushed their own limits far beyond what they thought possible at the start of the workshop. It sends chills down my spine to see this process evolve. SO photographers, you all rock, thank you so very much for creating your visions and working your light. Thank you for being a part of our journey here on the Light Workshop – Finding the Light.  – gail xoxo

Sunny Wright

Rebecca Lambert

Heather Rosenberg

Audrey Liftin

Favourite Images from Workshop 12 {part 3}

Workshop 12 (Spring) finished a couple of weeks ago and I have been asking students to share a favourite image of theirs that they took during the workshop for one of the assignments. I am so pleased to be able to show off a few more gorgeous images from our students. I am sure you will agree they have certainly captured pure magic. enjoy!

Gorete  Ferreira

Maureen O’Shay

Connie Bensen

Thanks guys for continually bringing your A game. All the best for the future in your light finding journeys … and happy snapping! – gail

Check back on Friday for the final installment of favourite images from the online natural light workshop 12 woot woot!

Fall 2011 workshop {coming soon to a computer near you}

FYI – lots of you have been asking about the upcoming class,  we are so glad you are as excited as we are for it to start.


The start date is the 26th SEPTEMBER and early registration will be opening on the 15th of JULY. Thank you for your patience while last minute details are/were worked out.

In the meantime enjoy your summer (or stay warm and cosy if winter is visiting your house) …

for more general information about the workshops check out HERE

Favourite images from Workshop 12 (part 2)

I am so excited to share another set of images from some of the students of the spring Finding the Light Workshop (Workshop 12) held online over the last few weeks. It is always a thrill to be able to watch the development of each photographer as they walk their journey in “finding the light”. We absolutely love being a part of this journey together and are truly excited to see where these roads might take them.

Dana Yannone

Toni Raper of Maeve Photography

Val Spring of  The Red Balloon Photography

Sherry Ferrante of Ferrante Photo

Penelope Carrington Wallace from Petite Shards

Michelle Eichelberger of michellediane com.

Melissa De Luna

Thanks everyone for your commitment,  patience, desire to learn/grow/challenge yourself and one another. Thank you for embracing the beauty in finding the light – may the “sunflare’ be with you. xoxo -gail

Check back on Wednesday for another installment of student work.

For the upcoming fall workshop (starting on either Sept 12th or 19th 2011 TBA), please check out THIS LINK for more information. Registration will open soon.

Favourite Images from Workshop 12 (part 1)

Another great workshop class just ended and many people are feeling the loss of the community built during the workshop. It’s so neat to see groups of students forming facebook groups so that they can continue their online support, learning and sharing. That’s how we roll here at The Light Workshop.

Detra, Jenny and I (Gail) are so grateful for each student and their willingness to learn, push themselves and keep on trying. Remarkable images full of  delicious light have been produced in the last 9 weeks.  All the best in your light finding journeys! And we can’t wait to meet the new students in September.

I asked students to share a favorite image they had taken during the workshop here is the first installment. xo Gail

Chris Henning 

Dawn Damori

Claire Bunn (alumni)

Christine Battad

Sarah Julis (alumni)