Fall 2011 workshop {coming soon to a computer near you}

FYI – lots of you have been asking about the upcoming class,  we are so glad you are as excited as we are for it to start.


The start date is the 26th SEPTEMBER and early registration will be opening on the 15th of JULY. Thank you for your patience while last minute details are/were worked out.

In the meantime enjoy your summer (or stay warm and cosy if winter is visiting your house) …

for more general information about the workshops check out HERE


5 Responses

  1. if i am new to photography and want some education about natural lighting would this class be a good for someone with not alot of experience? im trying to stretch myself and start with good information and well behaved habbits..

    • This is a great course for learning to see light and use it well. Or in other words, “good information and well behaved habits” Maygie.. you do need to be able to shoot in Manual mode though so if you are comfortable with that, I would highly recommend you enrolling. – gail

  2. I am interested in taking this class. I am new to photography, too. Although I have taken a basic course and do shoot in manual. I have a few questions: I have photoshop elements. Is that ok? Are there tutorials that apply to that or do I need plain ole photoshop? Also, once the class is over, do we have access to the forums? And finally, can we watch the classes more than once? Since they are virtual classes. I am a little unsure of how that works. I am assuming, we can pause, rewind, etc. But I’m not even sure of that. Can we watch a lesson several times? Ok…I think that’s it. I’m sorry it’s a lot of questions…

    • Hmmm…I was really hoping to have a reply to this in time to take advantage of the early sign up discount. I also sent you a comment through your blog… I am going to sign up, but I hope I can benefit from the class w/o having Photoshop. I just am not able to swing the cost of that right now. Please let me know.

  3. Hi Lisa, I sent you a reply via email and have updated the question and answer section to cover the topics asked https://thelightworkshop.wordpress.com/about/ many thanks. Looking forward to ‘meeting’ you in the workshop. (Gail)

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