We are under way…

The first assignment has been posted, the first virtual class has been held, the questions have started to pour in, and people are all excited… that means that we are underway for the fall 2011 workshop. It’s been great to meet all the new students for this workshop, and to catch up with some returning alumni.

We have photographers in different time zones across north america and from different countries around the world. I have to say this is the fascinating wonderful thing about doing an online workshop… the easy access for people from every corner of the earth. It helps to build a global community of light loving photographers – who sometimes get together in real life.

Like Sunny, Val and Breeze did recently.

This from Sunny Wright “At the end of our light workshop, we all felt so refreshed and inspired, that a few of us got together for a fun little shoot. We had MANY theme ideas but we decided to go with Prairie Girls. After 2 hours in the car to a meeting place, the lovely Val Spring, amazing Breeze Floyd and myself enjoyed the last hour of light with our lovelies. They were like long lost prairie girl friends and had a blast. So did we! Thanks for inspiring us Detra!”

We look forward to more inspiring shares with past, current and future students. Well done ladies… magnificent work.


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  1. These make me so happy! Thanks for posting!

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