Another wonderful workshop week.

I get a little giddy putting together these posts and showcasing the work of our fabulous participants in the Finding the Light Workshop. I hope it gets you all excited to join us for the next one. Speaking of which – the next online natural light workshop will be the winter workshop and will most likely be starting at the end of January or beginning of February 2012. Keep a look out on the blog for updates on that. ūüôā

Now on with the show.

Week 3’s assignment is about using the same delicious backlighting techniques students learned during the previous assignment, but for week three we ask them to throw in the addition of a reflector. Love or hate the reflector when it is used well it produces some stunning results. As you will see from the images I spotted on the forum this week.

Image by Rebecca, of Rebecca Spencer Photography 

Image by Anna, of Anna Debrenski 

Image by Gigi Herrera, you can view her work HERE

Image By Irene Hilhorst of

Image by Marissa, of Marissa Easterling Photography

Rashelle Cuperus of Rashelle Cuperus Photography

Image by Joanne, of Cowbrough Photography

Image by Mel McNamara of Cheeky Elephant Photography.

Image by Kim Benesh Photography

Image by Kylie Sabine

The bonus assignment was capturing silhouettes. I know what you are thinking, silhouettes are a whole lot of fun, and you are right! They really are. Here are some

silhouette  fun from some of our students.

Gemma of Gem Photography

Image by Janeen, of


5 Responses

  1. Wow! These are students??? I wasn’t that good with backlit photos when I took the workshop! (still working on it! lol)_

  2. […] I am currently in the middle of Detra’s Finding the Light workshop and not having the best time with it as the classic British weather is getting in the way. To say I am a little jealous of the sun drenched stunning images being posted in the forum by a lot of the participants is an understatement. So this morning when I clicked on Detra’s blog and saw one of my photos of Theo has been featured there it did cheer me up a little. If you’d like to have a look the link is here. […]

  3. hi im an amateur photigrapher and would like to attend your workshop. where are you located and are you offering any in near future?

    • I offer online natural light workshops! Did you read the info section by chance, I know sometimes it get’s missed! I do ask all students to have a firm grip on how to shoot with their DSLR camera on manual mode? Does this sound like something that you would be interested in?

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