Week 8 here we come, week 7, you’ve got flare

In last weeks post I left you with the task to pick and choose which photograph went with which assignment the students have completed.
You had four choices:
a) blown backgrounds
b) pocket of light
c) natural reflectors
d) colour theory.

the answers are as follows 1) a. 2) b. 3) b. 4) a. 5) c. 6) b. 7) a. 8.) a. 9) b 10) c. 11) a. 12) c. 13) c. 14) c. 15) c.

This past week has been all about sun flare on the workshop. My favourite topic. I LOVE me some flare and the students have been knocking my socks off with the flare they have been capturing. YUMMY

Alison Mulqueen of Lollypop photography

Chris Davis

Cris Stephens

Joanne Strom of cowbrough photography

Leslie Maxwell

Stacey Siegal

Leanne Trudeau

you can click on an image here to view it bigger.


…and we’re back..

These last couple of weeks on the workshop have been tough. Despite the bad weather and time crunches this time of year brings for many students, we’ve also been facing great sadness with them too. Some significant tragedies have happened in the families of several students this workshop and our collective hearts are aching for them and the loss of their loved ones. And if that wasn’t enough, there has also been a very sad loss for Detra and her family this past week. Her beloved Daddy passed away on Thursday (11/10). We are sending you all warm hugs and hopes for comfort, healing and peace to each of you. I wish I could fly to each one of you and snuggle you to pieces and take all that sadness away, but sadly…the flipside of the great blessing of love, is the anguish of loss.

We are so blessed as photographers to be a part of maintaining the records for our own families, and the family of others through the gift of photographic memories. Get in your photos, snap images of your loved ones often, and don’t forget their (and your) friends…capture the things you love so your grandkids kids will know you a little more…snap your daily, strangers, special places, anyone and anything you can find…shoot shoot shoot, get the idea? – who knows how long we have?

There has been some fabulous learning and recording going on over at the workshop these last couple of weeks. We have been completing assignments in blown backgrounds, pockets of light, natural reflectors and colo(u)r theory. See if you can pick which image went with which assignment. I will post the answers next week!


Jen Stafford 

Toni Burks

Sherry Ferrante

Kelly of BuckiKiddies

Kami Friday

Jessica Marchetti

Irene Hilhorst of Mamaraza fotografie

Chris Davis

Alison Mulqueen

Rashelle Cuperus

Nichole Burnett

Tiffany Meehan

Lisa Sheehan

Debbie Stafford of Little Debbie Photography

Leanne Trudeau

A beautiful butterfly fairy…

We are continuing to work hard over on the light workshop and currently we are on assignment 6. I can’t believe there is only 2 more weeks left and it is at this point we start to sigh a sad sigh as we anticipate saying goodbye to our fabulous students. We all feel a sense of loss as the last assignment is submitted from each student and want to cling on to them tightly and not let them go out into the world again. Of course I jest, we feel excited for them to take their new skills out into their client work and wish them each the best as they continue to “find the light”.  I will have a post up of students work later in the week.

However despite our sadness at seeing the class end it’s an enormous thrill to follow the light filled journeys of past students. It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to a fantastic photographer (and friend) who consistently wow’s me with her masterful use of light in the stunning captures she creates whether with her own family, clients sessions or weddings. Rachel was a student on the Light Workshop nearly 2 years ago and continues to go from strength to strength with her amazing work. I want to be her when I grow up! 🙂 ~ thanks for being a constant source of inspiration Rachel, arohanui – gail xoxo

Pop on over to see a gorgeous session she had with her beautiful daughter Emmie recently. HERE

you can view her work here RACHEL CHANEY PHOTOGRAPHY