Assignment 2 – bring on the full sun.

Assignment number 2 often brings a sigh of relief for students, after the more challenging first assignment.  This  assignment is all about shooting in the mid-day sun, and learning to handle harsh light. I think of the 8 assignments that are a part of this workshop, this is the one that really shows students the freedom that comes from being able to handle the light at any time of day. A photographer that can create beautiful images in harsh light is a photographer worth his salt, so to speak…and it’s not for the faint hearted. It takes a lot of courage to embrace the results of these techniques not taught in more traditional photography.

I get all giddy as assignments start to be submitted on the forum, I love the full sun images that have been posted over this last week. Here are a few from the submissions for assignment 2. I think the students are producing some awesome work, well done.  -g

Anne-Marie Ashley

Marissa from

Katherine Huff

Lisa Sheehan 

Bhupali Gupte

The bonus assignment for this week was all about rain, and the beautiful light that often comes before, during and just after a storm. Not all students were able to access naturally rainy weather this week…. so they had to get a little more creative


Cindy Robbins

Michele Quattrin of  mqnphotography

Sabrina Wong from Sabatomic Photography


Let’s give it up for bonus assignment 1 – woot woot.

Each week on the Finding the Light workshop students complete 1 main assignment and a bonus assignment. The bonus assignment is about a different kind of lighting situation and gives students a little extra light challenge fun to play around with and conquer. If you are a potential student, let me give you a little piece of advice… always get those bonus assignments in because if you do, you get some awesome deelight actions sent to you. And you do NOT want to miss those, some of my favourites of all time!

But on with the show….The first bonus assignment is going for the dramatic effects of side lighting. I have to say….this is one of my favourite bonus assignments because it has the potential to be so edgy and uber cool, or soulful and peaceful.  Love that.

Here’s a few images from this bonus assignment, we love what our Finding the Light students bring to the workshop and we love seeing their families through the images they share. Well done everyone.

Anik McGrory

Florence Bavinck   (Alumni)

Christie Akroyd

Cris Stephens (Alumni)

Sonia Roveda


Stay tuned to the blog for assignment 2 … it’s a favourite of many students. 🙂

Back in the saddle again, week 1 assignments.

The winter workshop started a couple of weeks ago and it’s so exciting to meet new faces, catch up with familiar faces as alumni students, and just generally get our light fix we all crave so much.

We have just completed week one assignments with dramatic light and side lighting. In each workshop this first assignment kicks some photographic tooshie, but when it gets conquered oh my, it’s a beautiful thing. Here are a sampling of images from some of our students – where they have been learning to add a dramatic lighting image to their toolbox of skills. Well done everyone, you have captured some stunning images here.

Stay tuned on Wednesday for another installment.

Sabrina Koogler



Francesca Madden





Ginger Unzueta

Connie Bensen


Rashelle Cuperus

Cindy Cavanagh




Rosa Guerra