Back in the saddle again, week 1 assignments.

The winter workshop started a couple of weeks ago and it’s so exciting to meet new faces, catch up with familiar faces as alumni students, and just generally get our light fix we all crave so much.

We have just completed week one assignments with dramatic light and side lighting. In each workshop this first assignment kicks some photographic tooshie, but when it gets conquered oh my, it’s a beautiful thing. Here are a sampling of images from some of our students – where they have been learning to add a dramatic lighting image to their toolbox of skills. Well done everyone, you have captured some stunning images here.

Stay tuned on Wednesday for another installment.

Sabrina Koogler



Francesca Madden





Ginger Unzueta

Connie Bensen


Rashelle Cuperus

Cindy Cavanagh




Rosa Guerra



3 Responses

  1. that first shot is AH-mazing! I adore it!

  2. […] is such a favorite of mine. You can also see it featured here with other Week One […]

  3. Great Job to all of you talented photographers. I am so honored to be able to take this fabulous class with all of you!

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