Assignment 2 – bring on the full sun.

Assignment number 2 often brings a sigh of relief for students, after the more challenging first assignment.  This  assignment is all about shooting in the mid-day sun, and learning to handle harsh light. I think of the 8 assignments that are a part of this workshop, this is the one that really shows students the freedom that comes from being able to handle the light at any time of day. A photographer that can create beautiful images in harsh light is a photographer worth his salt, so to speak…and it’s not for the faint hearted. It takes a lot of courage to embrace the results of these techniques not taught in more traditional photography.

I get all giddy as assignments start to be submitted on the forum, I love the full sun images that have been posted over this last week. Here are a few from the submissions for assignment 2. I think the students are producing some awesome work, well done.  -g

Anne-Marie Ashley

Marissa from

Katherine Huff

Lisa Sheehan 

Bhupali Gupte

The bonus assignment for this week was all about rain, and the beautiful light that often comes before, during and just after a storm. Not all students were able to access naturally rainy weather this week…. so they had to get a little more creative


Cindy Robbins

Michele Quattrin of  mqnphotography

Sabrina Wong from Sabatomic Photography


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  1. Wonderful work! They all made me smile, but the last one made me laugh!

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