Woot Woot another contest is here!

It’s that time of year …. The Spring workshop starts soon, we have a new contest! Don’t miss out !!!! The theme for this contest is “water” this will be fun!
Turn in your best photo that includes water, must have a person in the photo too! You can start sending entries today! Get creative and have fun! You must read and follow the rules below!!
Grand prize winner will receive one free full participating spot and a free alumni full participating spot in the fall 2012 workshop. Runner up will receive 50% off full participating spot and free full alumni spot for my spring workshop .The third place winner will receive $175.00 off and a non-participating spot and a free non-participating alumni spot for my fall workshop! I will have a giveaway for my past students too!!!(non-participating excluded) They can enter with a chance to win free full participating alumni spot for this coming workshop:) GOOD LUCK!! Please make sure to read the rules!
Basic. info You must turn in your image by April 23rd 2012 by 4pm eastern time! (Winners will be announced by April 25th at 8 pm eastern or earlier! I will post it on the Finding the Light Face book page and blog!! The workshop begins May 7th, don’t miss out on the most popular workshop of the year!

Include an image that represents the theme, the image must of been taken by you!
Your image must have a person in it.
It must of been taken within the last 3 months!
Only one image submission per person, unless you facebook about the contest you can submit two!
Please put your name on the image itself, and send in smaller jpeg form!
Your image must be taken with natural light.
Must be submitted by April 23rd 2012 by 4:00 pm eastern time.
Please make the subject of your email your name!
Remember it’s about getting creative!
Have fun!
Send in your entry to ftlentries@yahoo.com (this email is only for the contest entries, all other emails please send to thelightworkshop@yahoo.com)~ Hope everyone has fun! __
(Runners up, will get 100.00 off – prizes can not be combined with any other offer and subject to availability)


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