assignment 2 full sun | bonus 2 rain

Assignment 2 – Full Sun

Carey Pace was our assignment 2 contest winner this week with this lovely image of her beautiful daughter. (I, Gail, also loved her rain submissions). You can see more of Carey’s fabulous work HERE

Aleksandra Loginova

Anna Dobrenski (alumni)

Kiley Ariail Photography


This bonus assignment is about shooting in the rain, or stormy skies. It goes nicely with the full sun main assignment because most people have one or the other weather condition during the week!

As with all the assignments the face of a subject is required, but it doesn’t ALWAYS have to be a human face. I love this submission from Cara Richardson

Carey Pace

Ann Verhage

Lynne Raspet

Nancy Erickson


Alumni share | full mid day sun.

so I just popped into the workshop forum to see whats been happening over the last 7 hours that I was sleeping… and whoa and behold this gorgeous image from one of our alumni students hit me smack bang in the face and knocked me over. I think Anna is one happy mama after capturing this completely stunning image of her kids in the mid day sun!

It can be done, and it can be done WELL…. make sure you sign up for the next workshop in the fall to learn the technique Anna used to photograph in the full mid day sun. (dates to be announced)

thanks for sharing Anna… beyond beautiful.  You can see more of Anna’s gorgeous work HERE

featured student work | Ginger Unzueta

We feel pretty lucky over on the Finding the Light Workshop to come into contact with some remarkable photographers that come into the workshop eager to learn. Photographers that start out as fledglings and progress through 8 weeks of assignments to go from strength to strength. And we also come into contact with photographers that were pretty darn amazing to start with, and add some wonderful new tools to their photographic tool box by seeing light in a new way. Photographers like the amazing Ginger Unzueta.  You can view more of Ginger’s gorgeous work HERE.

Ginger was kind enough to share some of her thoughts on the workshop and some images from assignments. We feel pretty darn special to have been witness to her metamorphosis into “finding the light” – thanks Ginger for your kind words and for always being open to a little push now and again, – aroha,  gail xox

Over the past year I had heard so many amazing things about the Finding the Light Workshop.  So many talented photographers I knew highly recommended it that  I knew that I had to see what the hype was all about.   WOW!! I was not let down. The workshop far exceeded any expectations I had.   It brought me to a new recognition and appreciation of all types of natural light.  The teachers are phenomenal and give you a great deal of personal attention you wouldn’t expect from an online course.  I am so thankful to Dee, Gail and Jenny for their amazing contributions, time and generosity in sharing their own talent.  I will definitely be back for more!