It’s that time of year …. Early bird registration is now open for my online natural light workshops!


I’m very excited to announce the last workshop of 2012 dates with you! I will be starting a new class September 24th 2012. My fall class is a smaller class, I take on less students because of the time of year! The 2012 workshops have three new videos !!!! New actions, presets, and more!! The Fall workshop will offer something new that hasn’t been offered before! I will have the forum open for an extra 30 days for viewing only, I will open a new section of the forum for this special content that will be featured! The new section will be photoshop tutorials in addition to the ones I already include with in the 60 days workshop! The new content will include the videos listed below!

Advanced color editing including vintage, clean color, and pop!
Layers mask
Blending modes
BW edits
Shadows & Highlights
Skin corrections
Adjustment layers
Dodge & burn tools
Using plugins
Clone stamp, patch tool etc.
Brightening eyes & teeth
local contrast
Fake skies
Sharpening for print vs. web
Head swapping
layouts and shortcuts
liquify tools and retouching

With early registration you will receive an awesome discount ! If you sign up within the first 24 hours for a full participating spot , you will get $125.00 off and receive a free full participating alumni spot for my early 2013 workshop. The value of $675.00 for $450.00!! If you miss the 24 hour mark and sign up within the first 48 hours after this post you will receive 100.00 off the full participating spot and a free silent participating alumni spot. Still a great value at $475.00!! If you want to sign up for the non-participating spot you will get 100.00 off the regular price and free non -participating alumni spot for my early 2013 workshop but you must register and pay with in 48 hours ~ If you miss the 48 hour mark and sign up with in the first 72 hours after this post you will receive 50 off the non- participating spot or 100.00 off the full participating spot! I hope you can join us !!!

Where else can you get instructor (Detra, me) who has been teaching online workshops for six years? In addition to me you get two additional instructors on the forum, this last 60 days!!!
My workshop includes over 12 hours of live classes with access to the 24-7 workshop forum! I have 1-2 videos included and content with assignments and I have more videos located in the video selection for you to watch. Each workshop I add and improve 🙂 ! For full class details click on the logo to take you to the blog! Please join our facebook fan page!
Finding the Light Facebook Page

early bird specials expire August 25th at midnight! – click here for payment and info


2 Responses

  1. Hi Detra, how do I register for your fall 2012 class?

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