HOME OF THE ORIGINAL FINDING THE LIGHT WORKSHOPS – a 60 day online natural light workshop!

This may answer some of your questions. Let me know if I can help you further;)

How long have you been teaching online photography classes?

For five years !! (coming up on the 13th workshop in Fall 2011)

Are you the only instructor?
I’m the founder and creator of “Finding the light Workshops” and have created, written and built this workshop myself.  I’m the main instructor and give feedback on each participant as well as run the weekly live virtual class myself. I have 2 assistants JennyB with Pure Life Unscripted, who joined me in 2010 as an assistant instructor.  She is amazing and is on the forum for questions and feedback on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And  Gail from gailpomare-arohaphotography who is an alumni student and assists with class admin, works on the blog/forum and gives occasional feedback.

Fee Structure and Participation

Full participant – $575 USD

Partial (or silent) Participant – $300 USD

As a full participant you may have full access to the forum and view all the written documentation and videos I post, you’re eligible to receive constructive feedback on each assignment from me and my assistants, participant in class contests, join the live virtual class, receive and give feedback on fellow class members, receive my actions and presets. Return as an alumni student and pay the alumni discounted fee.

As a silent participant you will also be able access all the written documentation and videos I post, but will not receive feedback or be able to post in the forum. You will not be eligible for the contests or live virtual classes. You may upgrade to a full participant by paying the difference in fee.

What happens once I pay.

You will receive a paypal receipt that your payment has been received. This will count as notification that you are enrolled on the workshop. Toward the start of the workshop date you will receive information regarding the start time. (usually this is done a day before) All email notification will be sent to the email account connected to the paypal address you signed up with. Also check the blog as it will say if emails have been sent, and if you have not received it please check your spam folders.

Do I have to be on the forum at certain times?

You will have access to a private forum that is open 24-7. I am on the forum each week day.  Jenny (my assistant instructor) will be on a few days a week!  At the end of each week I give out a new assignment, with a class newsletter ! You usually have a week to complete assignments and will post these for feedback in the forum

Will the forum be accessible once the workshop is over?

On completion of the workshop I leave the workshop forum open for approximately another week before I take it online, you will not have access to it after this time.

What is the turn-around time for critiques?
During the week I ask that you allow up to 24 hours for a reply on assignment, I’m active daily. On the weekend I ask for 48 hours.

Does each critique tell exactly how to make improvements?
I offer detailed feed back if your image needs improvement, and give praise and tell you what I like if you got it.

What are virtual classes?

A place we will meet as a group to discuss assignments. This is a live streaming class and you will hear me answer questions back and you will be able to view my computer screen. For each assignment I will finish the class with live editing of the assignment. Each week I post one class schedule and sign-up for the virtual class. If it fills I schedule another to ensure everyone can join and participate. An email will be sent about an hour prior to the start time with all the information you need to log-on and participate. The live streaming class will be done via a live webinar program, you will hear me speaking, and will be able to see my desktop and editing programs but are muted yourself. You will be able to ask and answer questions by typing into a chatbox. I record each virtual class and upload it into the forum as a video. You are free to watch as many times as you like.

What about students that live out of the United States, how does this work?
You will have 24-7 access to the forum. I am on the same time zone asNew York. Eastern time. However,  I have many international students from other parts of the world, i.e  Australia,London,Denmark,India,Japan and etc and it has never been an issue. You are not obligated to be on the forum at any specific time. I’m on daily. I do virtual classes each week and change up the times … Say I do one at 11pm eastern time and one at 7 am eastern time …. It has never been an issue 🙂 I record each virtual class and upload it into the forum at a later time; you are free to watch as many times as you like if you missed it!

What kind of equipment should I have for your course?
I would like for you to have a digital SLR

(photoshop or lightroom will be handy) but the latest and greatest of everything or anything is not essential. Our goal is to become proficient in finding the light.

What kind of experience should I have to take your course?

I would like for you to know how to shoot in manual for my class!

Could you tell me more about the dates assigned to your syllabus for the class? 

Assignments are posted each week and as follows

Main Assignments
Assignment 1: Dramatic Light
Assignment 2: Mid-day Sun & Backlight (full sun)
Assignment 3: Mid-day backlighting with a reflector
Assignment 4: Late in the day sun with reflector
Assignment 5: Finding natural way to reflect light ( backlighting included)
Assignment 6: Pockets of Light ( Find the light in any space)
Assignment 7: Sunflare
Assignment 8 :  Capturing subject & sky

Bonus assignments :
Assignment 1 : Indoor side lighting
Assignment 2: Have rain ? Embracing the weather!
Assignment 3: Silhouettes
Assignment 4: Blown light
Assignment 5: How Color Impacts Your Photos
Assignment 6: Getting out of a creative funk
Assignment 7: Towering Skies

Jenny’s Creative Corner ***NEW 2011***

For each assignment you are given a week to complete. In order to get the most out of this class it is highly recommended that you complete your assignments on time. Feedback can not be guaranteed on late assignments.

What can I expect in the course?

Constructive critique on assignments

A section that includes session tips & videos

Each regular assignment will have a video clip on shooting the assignment and post processing.

I have many Photoshop tutorials included in the forum, along with Lightroom, and camera raw (ACR).  We will go over how to focus, what metering modes work best for your lighting situation, interacting with your subject while still finding that light.

I have guest speakers that will do a Q&A and c/c a bit (you can see previous guest speaker sites in the right hand sidebar)

You will find Business & marketing section as well.

Full Participants will receive my actions and presets (silent participants will receive a partial set)

I do have regular contests with great prizes from some amazing vendors!


166 Responses

  1. I wanted to say thank you again for your light workshop I attended during this summer. I learned so much and I can’t stress out enough how much further I came with my photography. I appreciated all your efforts Deb and Detra put in this amazing class and can highly recommend it to anyone who is intrested in creative use of light!

  2. I am a to-be professional and I’d love to learn more about your classes. i used to work for a company called the picture people and i am trying to shed as much of their style as possible. thank you!!

  3. When does your spring workshop begin? Everything is done online, correct?

  4. April 22nd & all online!!!!

  5. What time of day are the group chats? I’d love to sign up but I need to make sure that I’m available for the interactive parts of the workshop. Thanks!

  6. hey…. just wondering if the spring session is booked up yet? please tell me there is still room 🙂

  7. Iwould like to sign up! Where do I send the payment? Thank you!

  8. would like to sign up for the spring session – is there still room and what do I need to do to sign up? Thanks!

  9. I can’t wait I just signed up for the Spring classes!!

  10. Hi, can I get more info on your workshop and is there any openings for April?

  11. Oh I so hope there is still room in your April session. Please let me know how to sign up!

  12. hi,
    was wondering if there were any spots left for the may 22nd start, and also, l am in australia and we are soon heading into the winter months, there may not be heaps of sun around soon, is this workshop still suitable for me? or can l keep the assignments and do them in my own time?
    thanks, lisa

  13. Is the springclass already full?
    Would love to know…

  14. Hi,

    I have just found this online class and was wondering if there is any way you could keep me posted on future workshops?

    Kind Regards,


  15. love to get in on the next workshop.
    please keep me informed!

  16. Hi Detra and Deb! I popped in to say hello and to tell everyone who is interested in or toying with the idea of taking the shop…just do it. Don’t even question it. I have to say that “Finding the Light” really changed everything about the way I see light…angles, catchlights, reflections, silhouette’s, flare…you CAN learn it! Detra is so seasoned in light…there isn’t a better person to recommend when it comes to learning it. Lighting can be super scary…but we all have to learn it and you most definitely will walk away with an immense amount of confidence! Thanks again Detra and Deb for showing me that I, too, can find the light 🙂 All my best…hope you guys are well!!


  17. I also just found this online course and am very interested in taking a workshop. Please let me know of any upcoming workshops. Thanks so much

  18. Hi there! Interested in your next available class!!! Could you contact me pretty please??? 🙂 Thank you so much!!

  19. when is your next class? please contact me…

  20. I am interested in workshops or the one on one session. Please contact me to let me know if either are available. Thanks!

  21. When does the next open class begin? I would like to sign up, but am a little confused about the date of the next possible class.


  22. I would love to find out more about your workshops.

    Thanks so much!!!
    Robin DePaula

  23. Hi, I am interested in the one on one workshop, but not sure how to sign up for this or how soon I could start the workshop, as there is’nt much of summer left!
    Thanks, Michelle

  24. Hi! I would love to know when the Spring Classes start. I am VERY interested and so happy I happen to stumble upon your site. 😀

  25. thank you everyone ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Today is early registration~

  26. Hi, So, I believe this is an online course? Some of the details aren’t quite clear to me? Can you please contact me and let me know if this is an online course and if there are openings? Thanks

  27. Hi I am very interested in this course as well, I have been struggling with finding light in my images, and I feel like its one of the biggest things that is holding me back from being the kind of photographer that I need to be..How many courses do you offer through out the year? I dont want to miss this one by thinking another will be coming if it isnt.?? Also, what kind of equipment is needed for your course. I saw something about a reflector? Any clarification and /or information would be greatly appreciated, this is the sort of thing I have been searching for.

    Thank you!

  28. How does it work? I work and also have a 10 month old. Can I do it on my own time, or is there online chats?

  29. Hi! Just found you and am interested in doing a workshop. I understand that it is all online which is awesome! I’m just wondering how it works as far as chats and stuff. I have 4 kiddos, a full time job, and too much on my plate. lol Will I be able to take full advantage of the class and do it on my own time? Please let me know. Thanks!

    • You can work at your own pace 🙂 You will have 24 hour access to the online forum! Don’t worry this is for the busy photographer in mind ! :)Dee

  30. Hi, I am doing my first ever workshops in Feb (2!!), so the jan course will just be too much for me. But I am very interested in doing your course, do you have any future dates set for 09 yet? If so would love you to email me the details. Thanks Dee.

  31. I am considering your class. Do you have open spots available? Kelly

  32. Hi I live in British Columbia Canada and its winter right now so not alot of sun.. but would be interested in taking this class in may or later can you give me some info on upcomming work shops.. Also what do you need to take the course I just bought the canon xsi… thanks Marina…

  33. Do you have any openings for the January class? Thanks!

  34. Are there still spots as of today, Jan. 9th?

  35. I would like to sign up for the January class if there is still space. Please let me know! thanks!

  36. is there still spots for jan 31st?

  37. I’d love to fill a spot, if there is one available!

  38. Hi
    I’m also interested in your January class. Any spots..? Hope your dad is doing ok..

  39. I am definitely interested in the spring workshop. Can I sign up for it now?

  40. Hi there! I sent payment for the Jan 31st class on the 10th, but haven’t gotten a confirmation email except from PayPal. Should I be receiving something via email, or not until the workshop starts?

  41. I am interested in your spring workshop. When can we sign up for it.

  42. Any spots left for the January workshop?

  43. Just in case you didn’t get my email earlier…

    Can you give me a bit more description of how the workshop flows? Does this run as an online group forum type thing? Will there be certain times of the day/week that you’re are available for online chatting or will q’s be answered via email correspondence? How or where will the lessons/instructions be presented?

    Sorry for all the questions…this would be my first time taking part in an online-style workshop so I have no idea how it works.

    Thank You!


  44. What type of equipment and and technical knowledge is needed? I would consider myself an advanced amatuer. The weather is pretty cold here should I wait for the spring worshop?

  45. Deb and Detra,
    Is the winter Workshop still on? I’ve not received a response to previous emails. I just needed a few more details regarding the upcoming workshop before I register.


    • Oh I know I emailed ya too …. But this workshop is only done by me ( detra ) I have done this one my own last year too ! Just wanted to give you the heads up!

  46. I am very interested in your workshop! I’ve been dying to learn more about photograpy. I won’t be able to sign up for the January class; do you know when the dates for the spring class will be? I’m preggers with my first baby and I’m hoping to do the workshop before he arrives in late May! :0) Hoping to take some great newborn shots of him!
    Oh, one other question: How much experience do I need to be able to follow your workshop?
    Thanks so much! Beautiful pictures!

  47. Can you let me know if you have any more slots in your January 31st class? I’d love to up my lighting game. 🙂

  48. When does your next online workshop start? I am very interested!

  49. When does the spring session start?

  50. beyond

  51. I am interested in your workshop but would like a bit more information. Also are you in Australia and can I ask what city?? I am in Sydney….. do you only have online workshops.

  52. I am interested in the earliest session possible. what is the start date and when should i be available so that i don’t miss the dialogue?? are you only accepting a certain number of people?

  53. Hello, I am wondering if you have any spots left?

  54. I’ve just registered. Do I need any special filters for my lenses or a reflector???

    SO excited, I can hardly wait!

  55. I am assuming the 2 places have been taken??? Could you please let me know? Very interested in doing this class. Thanks!

  56. I can’t make it to this workshop (I’m just starting Bloom’s workshop), but I’d be very interested in doing one of your next ones.
    Your images are beautiful and I can’t wait to learn from you!

  57. Just found you, please inform me of next workshop. Thank you!!

  58. I was interested in taking your september class. Is there still openings. Also what kind of equipment is required. Also I am fairly new at this. Is this the right class for me??

  59. I would love to sign up for the online workshop in late September. Do you still openings? Also I still need to get photoshop. Which one do you recommend?

    Thanks so much!

  60. I just came across your site this morning and your workshop looks great! Can you tell me a little more about time involved…do you teach one lesson per week? How long do we have to do the homework? Is there a set chat time?

  61. I’m very interested in your online workshop. Do you still have room? I have the same questions as the woman above me – time involved, how long is the course, etc. Thanks!

  62. Hi there,
    A friend sent me to your website as my possible next step in photography workshops. I wondered if you still have any openings for Sept and if you can give me more information about how the class works? Downloadables, how lessons are viewed/heard, etc.

    Thank you! Laura

  63. A friend and I would like to sign up for the next workshop you have available, after September of course. If you could give me the info and dates when you have time, Id really appreciate it!

    Thank You!

  64. hi there..
    I just learned of your workshop from clickin moms…I am hoping to find out when the next one will be and how you sign up..if you could put me on what ever list for the next workshop in 2010 that would be great-
    char lynn

  65. I’m interested in online workshop. Please, I would like to know when is the next available and some other info.Thank you. Ilona

  66. Pretty much the same question as Shannon (above), what are your plans for the next workshop? Thanks.

  67. Eagerly awaiting early registration for your January 2010 workshop. I won a discount for the September one but just couldn’t work it all in during this busy portrait season. Can’t wait to hear more about the January session. 🙂

  68. Hi,
    I just stumpled onto your site this week and would like to find out when is your next workshop. I just missed the one for Sept 28…

  69. Can you tell me when the next workshop is. thanks

  70. Hi! I stumbled across this through flickr and was interested in taking some on line classes and wanted to know pricing and such.

    Thanks much,
    -Stacy Wachter

  71. Are there still openings for the Jan 31st class?

  72. Hi,
    Me too, I am very much interested in your workshop -).
    When is the next one starting? Can you, please, send me more info and let me know how to register? Thanks in advance.

  73. Hi there, just came across your blog and am very interested in signing up for a future course – but couldn’t find anything about fuure classes. What is the next date? Thank you!

  74. […] that you found to be helpful in your work?  If so, which ones? I really liked Detra’s “Finding the Light Workshop“.  It helped me get out there and practice different situations, and I really liked The […]

  75. Oh my gosh! This looks sooooo exciting! But there’s no way I can afford it. How on earth do you all do it??

    • cheryl. have you ever checked out any of the discounts she offers. up to 75 (or 100) for tweeting or fb’ing or blogging and also a photo contest. you should try it!

  76. I am also interested in your next class. Any info would be so so appreciated.


  77. I am very interested in your workshop:)
    Please contact me when your next one is starting, and please let me know how to register.

  78. Hi,
    I’m interested!
    Please let me know how and where to register to qualify for early bird discount.


  79. Hi,
    This workshop sounds great, but I was wondering what type of equipment you suggest having for this class? I have a Canon Rebel XT and a 50mm f/1.8. I only have PSE 6. Do you think these would work for this workshop?

    • Hi I don’t know if April is full but amSO interested…
      Could you let me know???
      thank you……..

  80. Detra,
    I just signed up for you course but am not sure how it works. I am hoping that
    I can look at your course at my convenience if I am not available on a certain
    day or at a certain time. Is there a syllabus or somewhere where I can see and outline and the specifics of how the course works?
    Are there a limited number of people that can sign up?

  81. Hello, Im also very intrested in your lightworkshop, could you please send me some more info? When is the workshop starting and will it ´be any problems if i live abroad? I live in sweden.


  82. […] I am super stoked about getting to take this online workshop starting at the end of April. Happy 30th birthday to me!! It is two months and runs through the end […]

  83. Just wondering if there is still space available in the 2010 workshop??? I would love to take it!

  84. I am very interested! Is there any spots available so far? 🙂

  85. I just found out about this workshop. Is there any chance that I can still sign up? Do you have plans to offer another one this summer?

  86. Hi am looking to take this workshop, I would like to start around sept. Could you tell me when the dates for the clases are available please?

  87. Sorry to see I missed getting in on the Light-shop that began in April. Would love to be placed on a “waiting list” for the next available! (Clickinmoms referral)


  88. When is your next online lighting workshop?

  89. I’m very interested in signing up for your next workshop. When is it?

  90. I would love to register for your next workshop when are you planning to start this? Thanks so much I really was bummed out I couldnt participate in the last one 😦

  91. […] I totally recommend checking it out here is all about the info and prices! THE LIGHT WORKSHOP […]

  92. I would like to take the September class but I do not see anywhere that I can find out if it is full. Also when I click to register it only has the full participation option… I would like to do the $250. Where do I sign up for that one at?

  93. Please can you tell me the process of submitting a photo for your contest I cannot find how to do it.

  94. how does one sign up as a non participant for your September workshop?

  95. I would like to take part in the upcoming workshop as an alumni as I have done the workshop before – but there is not the option for this on paypal. Please can you point me in the right direction?!

  96. I am with Michelle. I would love to take the workshop again as an alumni – but I can’t find the paypal to do it either – tried contacting you through FB and email. Help – please!! =)

  97. I don’t see an option for the 250.00 non-participating workshop on paypal…. Can you please tell me how I can register for this.

    Thank you!

  98. I am also interested in being a non-participating student, as I won’t always be able to get assignments in on time. Could you please tell us how we can register for this? Register for the Class only offers the full student option. I am sure many others want to take you up on your offer for this part of the course as well.

  99. when is the next class?

  100. Trying to plan ahead. Do you have dates for future workshops?? Would love to go ahead and put it on my calendar. I’ve hear great things!

  101. I was wondering when the next workshop is? Also, are there any coming in2011?

    Thank you!!

  102. well, i always join photo contests but i have not yet won a photo contest “”

  103. I am interested in signing up as a non-participant. How do I register/pay for that?


  104. When I go to the register/pay page on Paypal, there isn’t an option to pay $250 as a non-participant. Also, is there a link on the website where I can email you? I can’t locate it.

  105. I would like to know how to sign up as a non-participant too.

  106. I am interested in signing up for a workshop.

  107. Please contact me with any info for the workshop– I would like to sign up as a non-participant, can’t figure out the payment option and would like to know what happens next after payment? Are we sent links via email or will we login in somewhere at a specific time?
    Thank you!

  108. I think I’m confused as well. I’d like to sign up as a non-participant and would also like to know what happens after payment. The only payment option is the full participant amount. i can’t find anywhere else on here to contact you besides leaving a comment. I’d like to start asap

  109. Hello! I would love to sign up for a workshop too!! Please let me know when there will be one!

  110. Please contact me with any info for the workshop
    I would love to sign up!!! From Mexico!!!


  111. I’d love to find out more information about your workshops. When is the next sign up ? Thank you for your time.

  112. looking forward to signing up for your next session! do you know when it will be?

  113. Hi –
    I am also interested in your online workshop as a non-participant. When is the next workshop that you offer? Please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks!

  114. I posted a question on here a few days ago, but I am really interested in this workshop and would love to get some more information and dates of upcoming classes.
    If anyone could give me more info I would so appreciate it!

  115. I am also very interested in finding out more info on your next workshop.
    Any info on dates/pricing and how to pay for the non-participant option would be really appreciated.

  116. i would love to know when your next class begins and how to sign up!

    thanks, colby

  117. When is your next workshop and how can I register???

  118. Would love to win a spot in your Light Workshop

  119. Hi, I would love to register for your next workshop, but I’m unsure where to register?


  120. Hi, I entered a photo into the contest that was one of the ones chosen for the $100 off catagory, thank you! I think I can only commit to being a non-participant for the course, is that possible?


  121. I just submitted payment, didn’t want to miss my spot…
    not sure how the discount works 😦 neither I find any other way to register

    pls let me know if you receive this

    thank you

    can’t wait to start


  122. Hi Detra, are there anymore spots left that I could join as non-participant – Full access to forum? Sorry I’m late but just found out about your class and would love to join, thanks.


  123. This class sounds wonderful. Can you please let me know when your next available workshop is.


  124. Interested in knowing when the next workshop will be held.

  125. […] on a recent post, I just finished one of the most amazing workshops I’ve even taken. The Light Workshop. It’s been such an incredible experience and I feel that I’ve learned more than I would […]

  126. wow! i’ve only been a member of CM since May but I havent heard of this course yet!!! i am in the philippines and while we havent had rain for a while…its rainy season and weather could get pretty bad. when is the next course? i am sure hoping you have a spring one???? thanks so much!!!!

    • Hi Jessica, there will be a spring one started somewhere in April I think., the first workshop of the year will start somewhere around the end of Jan, which may also be an option for you.

      Keep checking the blog for more info. – Gail

  127. Hi Gail,
    Thanks so much!! I will be checking come January!

  128. Hi,

    I am really interested in the workshop but I don’t see the dates for the next workshop. I want to join as a Partial Participant initially and may be later upgrade to a full participant. I would appreciate if you can give some dates.


  129. Hi Detra,
    I would like to join your workshop. When is the next course starting?

    Thank you.
    Kind regards Irene

  130. Hi!
    I would like to know about joining your workshop, and when they are.

    Thank you!

    • I’m sorry I had not replied sooner..My Dad passed away last month, forgive my tardiness. The next workshop will begin February 21st 2012 .. Today is the early registration special! I will be posting about it soon!

  131. If you love photography and natural lighting: YOU HAVE TO DO THIS!!!! this workshop has been amazing. Now the light works for me and not me for the light (before if the light was dimmed I would re-schedule my session… now there is a lot that comes from it 😉
    Thank you to Detra for putting together such a wonderful workshop. So highly recommended!!!!! 😉 ❤

  132. when is your next workshop?

    • The next workshop will begin February 21st 2012, I will be opening registration today. Sorry for my delay I lost my father last month and I have been a bit overwhelmed.

  133. When does registration open? I went to the link, but I don’t see where to register for the 2012 workshop. Thanks

  134. Are you doing a workshop in 2012

  135. Hi, I found you through an online search for natural light portrait classes and would LOVE to participate in your next workshop. Will you please let me know when this will be? Thank you!

  136. I have a few questions about the natural light classes. I see some of the past assignments but do you teach us how to get the creative, beautiful lighting like backlit or sun flares? I see the examples listed of people that have taken the class in the past and that’s what I want to learn how to do. Thanks!

  137. Love the idea of a natural light portrait class. Could you let me know when the next class is? Thanks… 🙂

  138. Can you tell me when the next workshop begins? I’m interested in signing up. Thanks!

  139. Can you tell me when the next workshop begins? I’m intesrested in signing up. Thanks!

  140. […] you wanting to learn more??  head on over to their website and get signed up for the next finding the light workshop…you will be so happy you did […]

  141. When are you starting another class? Thanks!

  142. Hello, just wondering if there are any spots left in the fall workshop? I am very interested! Please let me know, thanks so much!!!
    Susan Gietka

  143. Hi there- Do you have any upcoming workshops scheduled? I’m interested in the next one. Thanks!

  144. Hello! Are you offering a fall workshop this year? I don’t see any info or recent comments. Thanks a lot!

    • I was busy spending time with the kiddos this summer;) They are back to school and the new dates and early registration was now released today!

  145. I just found your site. I missed your fall workshop but I would LOVE to be updated when you have your next workshop. Can you give me any information on upcoming registrations? So sorry I missed the last one. Thanks!

  146. hi
    i would like to join the next workshop as a full participant.
    i would like the 100 dollar early bird special rate.
    is that still available?

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