The Next Workshop!! September 13th 2010

I have been updating this workshop each and every time I give one!! I have added so many things with out raising the price. I have added a 2nd (part time) instructor, class videos, over 10+ hours in live classes, new formats, assignments,class contest, guest archives, and etc. This next class I will be raising the price of my workshop from $400.00 to $475.00 for my 60 day online course. This will price is for a full participating student. I will now offer a price for a student that will be a non participating student who can only view the forum(assignments, videos, and class videos) . This student can not participate in the class as getting feed back on assignments or participate in live classes. The cost for this student will be 250.00. For my alumni spots are for students who have taken my course before and who would like to retake it to re-freshen or just because:) For a full participating alumni it will cost 100.00 and non participating alumni member it will cost 50.00 . For the first 48 hours only you can use the payment link to the right and take advantage of last workshop prices for new students. I will be removing this link in 48 hours starting at 12:01 am June 29th! I will be posting some current students works and letter from my workshop that is coming to an end soon!! SO STAY tuned, and don’t forget to sign up before it’s to late!!