Alumni share | full mid day sun.

so I just popped into the workshop forum to see whats been happening over the last 7 hours that I was sleeping… and whoa and behold this gorgeous image from one of our alumni students hit me smack bang in the face and knocked me over. I think Anna is one happy mama after capturing this completely stunning image of her kids in the mid day sun!

It can be done, and it can be done WELL…. make sure you sign up for the next workshop in the fall to learn the technique Anna used to photograph in the full mid day sun. (dates to be announced)

thanks for sharing Anna… beyond beautiful.  You can see more of Anna’s gorgeous work HERE


featured student work | Ginger Unzueta

We feel pretty lucky over on the Finding the Light Workshop to come into contact with some remarkable photographers that come into the workshop eager to learn. Photographers that start out as fledglings and progress through 8 weeks of assignments to go from strength to strength. And we also come into contact with photographers that were pretty darn amazing to start with, and add some wonderful new tools to their photographic tool box by seeing light in a new way. Photographers like the amazing Ginger Unzueta.  You can view more of Ginger’s gorgeous work HERE.

Ginger was kind enough to share some of her thoughts on the workshop and some images from assignments. We feel pretty darn special to have been witness to her metamorphosis into “finding the light” – thanks Ginger for your kind words and for always being open to a little push now and again, – aroha,  gail xox

Over the past year I had heard so many amazing things about the Finding the Light Workshop.  So many talented photographers I knew highly recommended it that  I knew that I had to see what the hype was all about.   WOW!! I was not let down. The workshop far exceeded any expectations I had.   It brought me to a new recognition and appreciation of all types of natural light.  The teachers are phenomenal and give you a great deal of personal attention you wouldn’t expect from an online course.  I am so thankful to Dee, Gail and Jenny for their amazing contributions, time and generosity in sharing their own talent.  I will definitely be back for more!

Contest winners for the May 7th Workshop

The moment you have all been waiting for…. the announcement of the winners for our May Workshop contest, the theme was water. The workshop will start on May 7th 2012.

It was a really really difficult  time choosing winners out of the hundreds of incredible submissions.. and  we mean several hundred! Many hours were spent on the computer narrowing it down and we want to thank  everyone for your patience! We understand how exciting it all is to know.

We all wish we could pick everyone! But in the end, there could only be one grand prize winner… Congratulations Nicole diGiorgio for taking that spot with your remarkable moment in time captured in such a gloriously watery way. We LOVE it.

Please give some congrats to all our winners! Thank you all for your fantastic entries!!!!!

You must respond and register with in the next 48 hours to guarantee your spot …The sooner the better as SPACE IS LIMITED – Congratulations agai


  • These discounts apply only for full participating full price spots*

*If you are an alumni or you want a non-participant spot please contact me to discuss the discount*

  • If you entered and you do not see your image you still qualify for a special discount off the full participating spot ($50.00 off)


Woot Woot another contest is here!

It’s that time of year …. The Spring workshop starts soon, we have a new contest! Don’t miss out !!!! The theme for this contest is “water” this will be fun!
Turn in your best photo that includes water, must have a person in the photo too! You can start sending entries today! Get creative and have fun! You must read and follow the rules below!!
Grand prize winner will receive one free full participating spot and a free alumni full participating spot in the fall 2012 workshop. Runner up will receive 50% off full participating spot and free full alumni spot for my spring workshop .The third place winner will receive $175.00 off and a non-participating spot and a free non-participating alumni spot for my fall workshop! I will have a giveaway for my past students too!!!(non-participating excluded) They can enter with a chance to win free full participating alumni spot for this coming workshop:) GOOD LUCK!! Please make sure to read the rules!
Basic. info You must turn in your image by April 23rd 2012 by 4pm eastern time! (Winners will be announced by April 25th at 8 pm eastern or earlier! I will post it on the Finding the Light Face book page and blog!! The workshop begins May 7th, don’t miss out on the most popular workshop of the year!

Include an image that represents the theme, the image must of been taken by you!
Your image must have a person in it.
It must of been taken within the last 3 months!
Only one image submission per person, unless you facebook about the contest you can submit two!
Please put your name on the image itself, and send in smaller jpeg form!
Your image must be taken with natural light.
Must be submitted by April 23rd 2012 by 4:00 pm eastern time.
Please make the subject of your email your name!
Remember it’s about getting creative!
Have fun!
Send in your entry to (this email is only for the contest entries, all other emails please send to Hope everyone has fun! __
(Runners up, will get 100.00 off – prizes can not be combined with any other offer and subject to availability)

Assignment 2 – bring on the full sun.

Assignment number 2 often brings a sigh of relief for students, after the more challenging first assignment.  This  assignment is all about shooting in the mid-day sun, and learning to handle harsh light. I think of the 8 assignments that are a part of this workshop, this is the one that really shows students the freedom that comes from being able to handle the light at any time of day. A photographer that can create beautiful images in harsh light is a photographer worth his salt, so to speak…and it’s not for the faint hearted. It takes a lot of courage to embrace the results of these techniques not taught in more traditional photography.

I get all giddy as assignments start to be submitted on the forum, I love the full sun images that have been posted over this last week. Here are a few from the submissions for assignment 2. I think the students are producing some awesome work, well done.  -g

Anne-Marie Ashley

Marissa from

Katherine Huff

Lisa Sheehan 

Bhupali Gupte

The bonus assignment for this week was all about rain, and the beautiful light that often comes before, during and just after a storm. Not all students were able to access naturally rainy weather this week…. so they had to get a little more creative


Cindy Robbins

Michele Quattrin of  mqnphotography

Sabrina Wong from Sabatomic Photography

Let’s give it up for bonus assignment 1 – woot woot.

Each week on the Finding the Light workshop students complete 1 main assignment and a bonus assignment. The bonus assignment is about a different kind of lighting situation and gives students a little extra light challenge fun to play around with and conquer. If you are a potential student, let me give you a little piece of advice… always get those bonus assignments in because if you do, you get some awesome deelight actions sent to you. And you do NOT want to miss those, some of my favourites of all time!

But on with the show….The first bonus assignment is going for the dramatic effects of side lighting. I have to say….this is one of my favourite bonus assignments because it has the potential to be so edgy and uber cool, or soulful and peaceful.  Love that.

Here’s a few images from this bonus assignment, we love what our Finding the Light students bring to the workshop and we love seeing their families through the images they share. Well done everyone.

Anik McGrory

Florence Bavinck   (Alumni)

Christie Akroyd

Cris Stephens (Alumni)

Sonia Roveda


Stay tuned to the blog for assignment 2 … it’s a favourite of many students. 🙂

Back in the saddle again, week 1 assignments.

The winter workshop started a couple of weeks ago and it’s so exciting to meet new faces, catch up with familiar faces as alumni students, and just generally get our light fix we all crave so much.

We have just completed week one assignments with dramatic light and side lighting. In each workshop this first assignment kicks some photographic tooshie, but when it gets conquered oh my, it’s a beautiful thing. Here are a sampling of images from some of our students – where they have been learning to add a dramatic lighting image to their toolbox of skills. Well done everyone, you have captured some stunning images here.

Stay tuned on Wednesday for another installment.

Sabrina Koogler



Francesca Madden





Ginger Unzueta

Connie Bensen


Rashelle Cuperus

Cindy Cavanagh




Rosa Guerra